Unraveling Life's Narratives: On Stage with St. Louis Storytell

Join Arnold Stricker and Mark Langston of the Saint Louis In Tune Radio Show as they welcome Peggy Ray, Project Manager for St. Louis Storytell. Listen in as they discuss the power of storytelling, the importance of keeping the core meaning intact, the role of structure and creativity in narrative, as well as a detailed portrayal of what St. Louis Storytell is all about.

Also, get a sneak peek into their upcoming event 'Crime and Punishment'. Tune in for the splendid highlight of the show where Peggy shares a personal, emotional, and relatable story, offering listeners a small taste of what St. Louis Storytell brings to the community.

[00:00] Introduction to Storytelling

[00:31] Welcome to St. Louis In Tune

[00:52] Casual Banter and Discussion

[01:23] The Importance of Civility

[01:58] Super Bowl and Betting Conversations

[03:21] Introduction to St. Louis Storytell

[03:53] The Process of Storytelling

[05:07] The Origins of St. Louis Storytell

[07:29] The Power of Storytelling

[08:12] The Audience Experience

[09:53] The Importance of Narrating Our Stories

[11:32] The Storytelling Process and Preparation

[20:33] The Impact of Audience Response

[22:22] Upcoming St. Louis Storytell Event

[25:39] Conclusion and Final Remarks

[30:23] Discussing the Venue and Event Format

[32:00] Future Plans and Growth of the Event

[33:07] The Challenges and Rewards of Teamwork

[34:26] A Personal Storytelling Experience

[34:48] Promoting the Upcoming Event

[43:06] The Power of Storytelling

[44:27] Dred Scott Heritage Foundation Announcement

[46:11] Fun Facts and Jokes Segment

[52:02] Closing Remarks and Sign Off

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This is Season 7! For more episodes, go to stlintune.com

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