Creating Opportunities in Media Production Disparity: Continuity STL Workshop

Arnold Stricker and Mark Langston host a discussion with Michael D. Francis, a content creator and filmmaker who is part of the St. Louis-based non-profit Continuity. Francis elaborates on the task of finding media professionals from diverse backgrounds and the challenges associated with it. He reveals his journey from starting at the bottom to now possessing an extensive background in media, working for major networks and producing popular shows.

Continuity focuses on increasing diversity in media productions by offering skills-based training and mentorship opportunities for inroad talent. Francis emphasizes the importance of their Set Basics Workshop, which provides newcomers an understanding of the fundamental skills and terminologies of the industry. The conversation also touches upon the crucial impact of media productions on local economies and the necessity to improve infrastructure to attract bigger productions.

[00:00 Introduction to the Show

[00:00] The Importance of Diversity in Content Creation

[00:17] Introduction to Continuity, a Non-Profit Organization

[00:49] The Hosts' Banter and Introduction to the Topic

[01:36] Interview with Michael D. Francis

[02:12] Michael's Journey in the Media Industry

[05:39] The Importance of Set Basics Workshop

[06:34] The Impact of New Tax Incentive on Local Film Production

[06:46] The Economic Impact of Film Production on Local Communities

[07:31] The Need for More Skilled Workers in the Film Industry

[07:58] The Benefits of Film Production to the State

[10:40] Details about the Set Basics Workshop

[17:19] Success Stories from Past Participants

[20:06] The Founders of Continuity

[21:35] The Future of Film Production in St. Louis

[25:13] Conclusion and Contact Information

[33:51] Diversity in Media Production and Evolution of Filming Technology

[34:53] Reminiscing About Old Times and Technological Changes

[35:50] Discussing National Days and Their Significance

[39:54] Reflecting on the Influence of Ronald Reagan

[49:48] Light-hearted Banter and Jokes

[53:54] Conclusion and Sign Off

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