Resolving Tangled Title Issues and Bringing Vacant Properties Back to Life: The Neighborhood Advocacy Program's Impact in St. Louis

In this episode of St. Louis In Tune, host Arnold Stricker interviews Peter Hoffman, Managing Attorney for Neighborhood Advocacy at Legal Services of Eastern Missouri. The discussion revolves around the organization's crucial role in helping communities address the issues of vacant and abandoned properties, one of the biggest challenges faced by neighborhoods in St. Louis city.

The conversation also highlights how being proactive at community level leads to creating neighborhoods of opportunities, need for estate planning, and how the Neighborhood Advocacy Program, launched in 2018, provides free legal support to neighborhood associations. Hoffmann emphasizes the importance of volunteers' contributions to the program and concludes by referring 'homegrown' talents in St. Louis. The episode ends with recommendations for local historical and cultural sites to visit.

[00:00] Introduction to Promises and Community Action

[00:37] Welcome to St. Louis in Tune

[01:02] The Importance of Civility and Stereotype Challenge

[01:45] Introduction to Legal Services of Eastern Missouri

[02:02] Understanding the Work of Legal Services of Eastern Missouri

[03:54] The Role of Volunteer Lawyers

[05:13] Neighborhood Advocacy Program: A Focus on Vacancy and Property Abandonment

[07:23] Addressing Vacant and Abandoned Properties: Challenges and Solutions

[11:40] The Complexities of Property Title Resolution

[14:47] The Role of the City in Addressing Vacant Properties

[17:54] How Legal Services of Eastern Missouri Receives Cases

[20:50] The Importance of Estate Planning

[22:27] Addressing Persistent Nuisance Problems

[23:56] Saint Louis In Tune: Mission and Reach

[25:41] Dred Scott Heritage Foundation: A Call to Action

[26:58] Interview with Peter Hoffman: Journey into Public Interest Law

[31:14] Neighborhood Advocacy Program: Voices from the Community

[36:00] Appreciation for Volunteers and Nonprofits

[40:53] Exploring St. Louis: Historical Sites and Museums

  • St. Peter's Cemetery
  • Chuck Berry's House
  • Old Des Peres Church
  • George Washington Carver Garden
  • Scott Joplin House
  • Griot Museum
  • George P. Vashon Museum of African American History
  • Dred Scott's Grave at Calvary Cemetery
  • Field House Museum

[45:48] Closing Remarks and Invitation to Engage

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