Sauce Boss: Freddie Lee's Journey from Hobbyist to Sauce Maestro

In this episode of Saint Louis In Tune, Arnold Stricker and Mark Langston delve into the world of barbecue, exploring the nuances between grilling and smoking. The highlight of the show is Freddie Lee, the creator of Freddie Lee's Gourmet Sauce, who shares his inspiring journey from making sauces as a hobby to becoming a staple in over a thousand stores across the United States and Jamaica.

His sauces, free from high fructose corn syrup and vegan-friendly, have made a name for themselves, initially known as 'Ghetto Sauce' but later rebranded to appeal to a wider audience. Freddie's commitment to flavor, combined with personal anecdotes and a discussion on the challenges small businesses face, provides a rich narrative on passion, entrepreneurship, and the craft of sauce-making.

[00:00] Introduction to Barbecue Season and the Show

[01:01] The Art of Barbecuing and Grilling

[01:27] Cultural Etiquette: Removing Shoes at Home

[02:51] Introducing Freddie Lee and His Gourmet Sauce

[06:42] The Story Behind the Sauce's Name

[12:34] The Sauce's Impact and Expansion

[19:02] The Challenges of Running a Small Business

[25:47] The Variety and Uses of Barbecue Sauces

[28:11] The Production Process of the Sauce

[29:15] Choosing the Right Ingredients for the Sauce

[29:30] The Art of Making Spicy Sauce

[30:15] The Secret Behind the Mild Sauce

[30:36] The Importance of Flavor in Food

[30:53] The Complexity of the Sauce's Ingredients

[31:37] The Role of the Wife in the Business

[32:05] The Process of Marinating and Grilling Meat

[33:49] The Art of Baking with the Sauce

[37:17] The Journey to Finding the Right Packaging

[40:41] The Challenges and Triumphs in the Sauce Business

[40:57] The Love for Cooking and the Sauce

[42:27] The Versatility of the Sauce in Cooking

[46:48] The Future Plans for the Sauce

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