Part I: What Have We Learned About Learning During the Pandemic?

Educators across the country have struggled with what is the best way to approach learning during the pandemic. Covid-19 has brought about daily discussions about virtual learning, hybrid learning, remote learning, blended learning, etc. What is working and what isn't working depends on many factors including resources (access/reliability of technology, personnel). Have we lost our social connections in all of this and is virtual learning here to stay post pandemic? Listen and find out as Dr. Jason Adams discusses these issues with St. Louis In Tune. To listen to Part II click here: Part II.

[05:29] Kinds of Learning

[07:19] Effectiveness of Virtual Learning

[12:32] Student Success in "Virtual Learning" & Importance of Social Connections

[21:47]What to Expect for 2122 School Year

[31:32] Looking at the Crytal Ball

[34:57] Message to Students/Staff/Parents

This is Season 4, Episode 1.