Courage Against Fear: James Meredith and Mississippi

James Meredith has stood up to fear, hatred, and white supremacy his entire life. While growing up in Mississippi, he faced challenges head on which would begin to change that state and the nation. These challenges (being the first black student at the University of Mississippi, his March Against Fear in which he was shot), provided a platform to encourage Mississippians to stand up against oppression and live a moral life. Recently, St. Louis In Tune discussed his life and book A Mission from God: A Memoir and Challenge for America. He strives now to proclaim his faith and confidence in the source of his courage, the Bible and Jesus Christ. St. Louis In Tune is indebted to Mr. Meredith for his time to complete this interview. https://www.jamesmeredithonline.com/

[01:18] Background

[07:38] Heritage

[11:39] University of Mississippi

[14:06] Insurrection in Mississippi

[19:54] March Against Fear

[22:45] Current Work: Importance of Moral Character in the Community, Bible Society, and faith.

[38:04] Closing Thoughts by Mr. Meredith

This is Season 4, Episode 3.

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