Part II: Post-Pandemic: Is Blended Learning the Way of the Future for Schools?

Dr. Tammy Stephens-Frame from eClass4learning discusses the research and support for blended learning and how it benefits a variety of learners including, English Language Learners (ELL), those with IEP's, and learners who are shy about speaking during class. Blended learning has some history but is not without associated myths. An interesting discussion for what could be a new norm for post-pandemic learning. If you missed Part I, click here to listen: Go to Part I.

[03:41] Blended Learning Definition & Schedule

[07:12] U.S. Dept of Ed Meta-Analysis: Results/Application/Promise for the Future

[10:49] Personalized Learning

[12:34] What are the downsides?

[16:36] Myths of Blended Learning (Workforce)

[27:06] Learning in Schools from this point forward

[32:44] Are college/university teacher preparation programs ready

[35:04] eClass4learning and Final Words

This is Season 4, Episode 2.