Lost and Found: The Forgotten Treasures of St. Louis

We explore the 'Lost Treasures of St. Louis', a comprehensive book showcasing unique historical sites, memorable events, and objects related to the city's rich history. Our special guest, Dennis Dillon, a retired sports writer and co-author of the book, reveals intriguing stories behind these treasures. He discusses how he worked to complete the book and the interesting historical discoveries he made, such as the existence of a vibrant Chinatown in St. Louis, and surprising stories about popular landmarks during Prohibition times, among others.

[00:00] Introduction and Hosts' Banter

[02:29] Guest Introduction: Dennis Dillon

[03:15] Dennis Dillon's Sports Writing Career

[07:16] Discussion on Football and Mizzou's Prospects

[08:38] The Lost Treasures of St. Louis: Book Introduction

[08:46] The Making of The Lost Treasures of St. Louis

[21:04] Exploring Lost Treasures: Bayou Bell and More

[26:22] The Story of Bloody Island

[29:14] The Biltmore Club: A Speakeasy from the Past

[30:26] The History of the Biltmore Club

[31:59] The Impact of the Pandemic on Local Businesses

[34:12] The Evolution of Local Restaurants

[34:44] The Thrills and Dangers of Wet Willies

[36:13] The Legacy of the Plantation Club

[40:19] The Lost Treasures of St. Louis

[41:03] The Closure of Local Churches

[45:06] The Future of St. Louis In Tune (our new website)

[48:37] The Humor Segment

[53:39] Conclusion and Farewell

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