Inside the Ring: The Incredible World of Circus Harmony

Jessica Hentoff, Artistic and Executive Director for Circus Harmony discusses and explores the vibrant and supportive community Circus Harmony creates. She talks about Circus Harmony's upcoming show 'Nocturne', along with its variety of classes aimed at all ages. Jessica also sheds light on Circus Harmony's engagement with schools and communities, their efforts to teach crucial life skills through the medium of circus, and their numerous successful alumni.

[00:00] Introduction to Circus Harmony

[00:49] The Importance of Sunshine and Vitamin D

[01:17] The Importance of CPR Certification

[03:13] Interview with Jessica Hentoff, Artistic and Executive Director for Circus Harmony

[04:40] The Concept of Social Circus

[05:09] Peace Through Pyramids Program

[07:11] The Power of Circus in Building Skills and Community

[12:04] Upcoming Circus Harmony Show: Nocturne - TICKETS HERE

[15:42] Circus Harmony Spring Classes and Summer Camps

[23:42] Circus Science and Architecture Program

[29:51] The Marvelous Miss Maple: A Dog That Makes Coffee

[30:04] Defy Gravity Coffee: A Unique Blend Supporting a Cause

[31:22] Circus Harmony Alumni: From Broadway to WWE

[41:34] Circus Harmony Cookbook: A Unique Blend of Recipes and Circus Acts

[45:58] Architecture and Acrobats: A Unique Circus Harmony Program

[51:07] Circus Acts That Have Withstood the Test of Time

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