Ice Sculptures & Festivity: Celebrating & Welcoming Back the Loop Ice Carnival

Dive into the cool world of ice carnivals and ice sculpting as we find out about the 17th Annual Loop Ice Carnival happening in the U. City Loop. Jessica Buehler, discusses the schedule of the carnival and reveals the exciting attractions, which include over 50 handmade ice sculptures, an ice carving demonstration, free hayrides, a penguin crossing, and so much more. Sean Leahy, owner of Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures, shares his professional journey as an ice sculptor, the intricate process of creating spectacular ice sculptures, and his experiences in ice sculpting competitions across the nation. This episode provides an opportunity to discover and appreciate the underrated artistry within ice sculpting.

[00:00] Introduction to the Ice Carnival

[00:15] Welcome to St. Louis In Tune

[01:11] The Return of the Ice Carnival

[02:13] Exciting Activities at the Ice Carnival

[03:55] The Ice Carnival's Drone Show

[04:25] Exploring the Ice Carnival Map

[06:44] Food and Games at the Ice Carnival

[08:36] The Ice Carnival's Tattoo Scavenger Hunt

[09:04] Family Fun at the Ice Carnival

[09:47] The Ice Carnival's Grand Giveaway

[10:33] Closing Remarks from Jessica and Invitation to the Ice Carnival

[17:31] St. Louis In Tune Show Information

[19:04] Supporting the Dred Scott Heritage Foundation

[20:24] Introduction to Ice Festivals

[20:30] Exploring the World's Best Ice Festivals

  • Ice Music Festival in Norway
  • Ice Magic Festival in Canada
  • International Festival Competition of Snow and Ice Sculpture in Russia
  • Edmonton's Ice Festival in Canada
  • Budweiser International Snow Sculpture Festival in Breckenridge
  • International Snow and Ice Sculpture Festival in Paris
  • Snow King Festival in Canada
  • Quebec Winter Carnival in Quebec City
  • International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in China

[23:53] Ice Sculptures in Modern Events

[25:55] Interview with Sean Leahy, Professional Ice Sculptor

[27:04] Sean Leahy's Journey into Ice Sculpting

[28:49] The Process of Ice Sculpting

[37:01] Challenges and Achievements in Ice Sculpting

[41:09] Certification and Professionalism in Ice Sculpting

[44:43] Closing Remarks and Upcoming Ice Carnival

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