Humans of St. Louis

Social worker and photographer Lindy Drew is the co-founder and lead storyteller of Humans of St. Louis, where she combines photography with oral history to create intimate, revealing snapshots of St. Louis locals. The interview delves into the process and philosophy behind the project, highlighting specific interactions with St. Louis's residents and the release of a hardcopy compilation of Drew's work called 'Humans of St. Louis.' She discusses the inception of the project, her approach to social storytelling, challenges during the book's creation, and the consequential impact of her work on the community. Lindy will be appearing at the St. Louis Jewish Book Festival.

[00:00] Introduction and Hosts' Banter

[01:44] Guest Introduction: Lindy Drew

[03:12] Lindy's Journey from Science to Social Work and Photography

[04:08] Lindy's Travels and Experiences Abroad

[06:36] The Birth of Humans of St. Louis

[10:38] The Art and Process of 'HOSTLing'

[12:46] The Impact and Significance of Storytelling

[17:49] Lindy's Personal Experiences and Observations

[21:28] The Role of Audience in Storytelling

[27:06] Closing Remarks and Upcoming Events

[29:42] Exploring Vacant Buildings and Artwork

[29:51] Gifts for the Kids of the World

[30:28] Behind the Scenes: Creating HOSTL - Humans of St. Louis

[31:05] The Journey of Building a Social Media Presence

[31:42] The Evolution of HOSTL - Humans of St. Louis

[32:58] The Challenges of Publishing a Book

[34:42] The Process of Creating the Book

[37:33] Choosing the Cover of the Book

[40:52] The Impact of the Book and Future Plans

[42:58] The Story of Lewis Greenberg

[48:41] The Role of Social Work in Storytelling

[51:53] The Future of Humans of St. Louis

[56:09] Conclusion: The Impact of Humans of St. Louis

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