Honest Aging: Adapting to Your New Normal

In this episode, guest Dr. Roseanne Leipzig, an internationally recognized physician in geriatric medicine, discusses her approach to transforming aging individually and as a society over her 40-year career. She talks about her recent book 'Honest Aging: An Insider's Guide to the Second Half of Life', and addresses popular questions and misconceptions about aging. Dr. Leipzig will be appearing at the St. Louis Jewish Book Festival.

[00:00] Introduction and Guest Presentation

[02:54] Understanding Aging and Ageism

[04:30] The Impact of Perception on Aging

[05:13] Personal Experiences and Insights on Aging

[06:22] Understanding Normal vs Non-Normal Aging

[09:34] The Importance of Geriatric Medicine

[14:13] Making Difficult Decisions as You Age

[17:16] The Importance of Communication in Aging

[20:49] Understanding Dementia and Memory Loss

[24:05] Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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