Charity Woodrum: Resilience Through Poverty, Family Dysfunction and Unspeakable Tragedy to Become an Astrophysicist for NASA

In this compelling discussion, Sandy Cummings, acclaimed journalist, and Charity Woodrum, aspiring astrophysicist, share the process of creating a documentary about Woodrum's life, Space, Hope, and Charity: The Remarkable Journey of Charity Woodrum. The film follows Woodrum's journey from growing up in poverty in rural Oregon to pursuing her dreams of studying astrophysics, surviving personal tragedy, and finding strength from unexpected support from mentors, old friends, and complete strangers.

Sandy shares her process in capturing Charity's story, emphasizing the power of storytelling and the importance of mentorship, particularly for women in science. Charity discusses the importance of mentorship, finding joy again despite the grief, and her ongoing project 'Woody's Stars', a mentorship program and enrichment fund for students historically excluded from STEM. The film is an official selection of the St. Louis International Film Festival.

[00:00] Opening

[00:50] Introduction of the Guests - Laying the Foundation of What You Will Hear

[01:03] Sandy Cummings: A Renowned Journalist and Filmmaker

[01:58] Charity Woodrum: From Rural Oregon to Astrophysics

[02:20] Charity's Journey: Overcoming Tragedy and Pursuing Dreams

[03:03] The Making of the Documentary: Capturing Charity's Story

[04:23] Charity's Vulnerability and Strength on Camera

[05:53] The Filmmaking Process: From Interviews to Editing

[06:30] The Impact and Reception of the Film

[06:52] Synopsis of the Film: Charity's Journey

[10:46] The Power of Support and Kindness in Tragedy

[20:36] Charity's Current Work in Astrophysics

[21:49] Woody's Stars: A Program for Encouraging Women in STEM

[24:17] Coping with Grief and Finding Purpose

[29:22] Closing Thoughts: The Power of Small Acts of Kindness

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