The Art of the Guitar: Exploring Music with Matthew Von Doran

In this episode of Saint Louis In Tune, hosts Arnold Stricker and Mark Langston welcome Matthew Von Doran, an exceptionally talented guitarist and educator. Matthew offers insight into his background, his teaching technique, and details his 99 Decisions video guitar program. He also reflects on his move from California to St. Louis and how it influenced his career. The hosts and Matthew discuss the power of music in evoking emotion, live looping, the intricate skill behind improv, and Matthew even delivers a live acoustic performance.

[00:00] Introduction to the Show and Guest

[02:24] The Art of Guitar Playing and Teaching

[04:11] Matthew's Musical Journey and Influences

[08:13] The Science Behind Music and Creativity

[13:05] Live Looping and the Evolution of Matthew's Music

[20:05] Matthew's Upcoming Talk and Performance

[29:03] Exploring Jazz and Musical Preferences

[30:01] Journey into Jazz Fusion and Musical Influences

[31:09] Creating a Jazz Album and Personal Musical Identity

[33:02] The Unexpected Journey to St. Louis

[36:43] Embracing the Digital Age of Music

[40:37] The Art of Improvisation and Emotional Connection in Music

[46:45] The Evolution of a Music Career and Future Endeavors

[51:48] Reflecting on the Music Industry and Aging Musicians

[52:56] Wrapping Up and Final Thoughts

This is Season 7! For more episodes, go to stlintune.com

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