Uniting for Impact: Collaborative Philanthropy in Action

The St. Louis Community Foundation, the second oldest community foundation in the United States, has raised over $30 million and manages 900 charitable funds with assets exceeding $525 million. President and CEO Kelvin Adams discusses the role of the foundation in leveraging donor funds to support local nonprofits, emphasizing areas like economic stability, youth connection, and education innovation.

The conversation delves into the importance of community focus, the challenges of overcoming perceptions of elitism, and efforts to promote collaboration among nonprofits for greater regional impact. The episode also highlights the annual Give STL Day, a major philanthropic event aiding local nonprofits.

[00:00] Celebrating a Century of Philanthropy: The St. Louis Community Foundation

[00:40] A Lighthearted Banter: The Essence of St. Louis In Tune

[01:14] Promoting Civility and Generosity in Modern Society

[01:41] The Heartwarming Tale of Lost and Found

[02:46] Introducing Kelvin Adams: A Visionary Leader for St. Louis

[03:43] Elevating Community Through Strategic Philanthropy

[08:52] A Deep Dive into Economic Mobility and Youth Connections

[14:19] The Power of Collaboration: Transforming Nonprofit Impact

[27:15] Give STL Day: A Rally for Nonprofits

[32:00] How to Make a Difference: Donating to the Community

[35:44] Spotlight on Give STL Day and St. Louis Community Foundation

[36:33] Reflecting on the Impact of Non-Profits and Philanthropy

[39:30] Highlighting the Dred Scott Heritage Foundation's Initiative

[40:46] Recapping the Conversation with Kelvin Adams

[43:22] Exploring the Benefits of GiveSTLDay

[47:56] A Lighter Note: National Days and Athleisure Discussion

[52:37] Wrapping Up with Humor and Final Thoughts

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