Life is a Cabaret (and maybe like a box of chocolates too)

Amy Jo Jackson, a New York City-based performer known for her work in cabaret delves into the intricacies of cabaret performances, the creative process behind Amy Jo's shows, and her upcoming performance in St. Louis in coordination with the Tennessee Williams St. Louis Festival. The episode also touches on themes of identity and singularity in the world of divas, the importance of intimacy in cabaret settings, and the vibrant cabaret scene in cities like New York.

[00:00] Introduction to Cabaret and Upcoming Performances

[00:45] Diving Into Grammar and Language Humor

[01:15] The Importance of Civility and Community Engagement

[02:20] Amy Jo Jackson: A Glitter Alien in the Cabaret World

[02:59] Exploring the Essence of a Diva in Cabaret

[07:11] The Creative Process Behind Cabaret Performances

[11:29] The Unique Challenges and Joys of Cabaret in New York

[16:08] Amy Jo Jackson and Brian Nash: A Dynamic Creative Duo

[18:31] The Art of Crafting a Cabaret Show

[22:23] Reflecting on Conservatory Training and Professional Discipline

[24:10] Supporting the Dred Scott Heritage Foundation

[25:26] Recapping Amy Jo Jackson's Energetic Interview

[25:59] Upcoming Events and Festival Highlights

[26:14] Exploring the Tennessee Williams Festival

[26:27] Diverse Performances and Activities

[27:52] Personal Experiences and Recommendations

[29:10] The Charm of Intimate Venues

[32:11] Celebrating National Days with a Twist

[36:03] Humorous Takes on Daily Life

[40:27] Final Thoughts and Encouragement

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