The Never Ending Story - Finding an Art Voice through Adversity

What happens when a mural has support to be painted, gets done in record time, gets defaced by white supremacists, and then is painted over by the organization that supported it? De'Joneiro Jones describes the mural, the artists who helped complete it prior to the pandemic on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis, and the barriers for black artists in the aftermath of the defaced mural.

[00:00] Opening

[01:04] Return to Civility

[02:46] Interview with De'Joneiro Jones-Part I

[25:55] Dred Scott Heritage Foundation Stamp Initiative

[26:53] St. Louis In Tune Information

[28:06] Interview with De'Joneiro Jones-Part II

[49:47] Nike Swish Designer - Carolyn Davidson

[51:16] Word of the Day - Vacuity

[53:02] Mark's Day of the Day

[56:01] Humor

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