A Museum in a Hotel or a Hotel in a Museum?

General Manager JP Roberts and Executive Chef Matt Daughaday of the 21c Museum Hotels describe the award-winning boutique hotel, contemporary art museum, and restaurants (Idol Wolf and Good Press) coming to downtown St. Louis in the restored YMCA building located at 1528 Locust Street. Art can be discovered around every corner and this 21c Museum Hotel has a unique style you will want to experience.

July 25-Restaurant Opens August 8-Hotel Opens August 24-Grand Opening

[00:00] Intro

[01:00] Return to Civility

[01:58] Interview with JP Roberts and Matt Daughaday

[32:07] St. Louis In Tune Information

[33:45] Dred Scott Heritage Foundation Commemorative Stamp Petition

[35:10] What are the odds?

[42:24] Humor

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