Jitney by August Wilson and The Black Rep

Since 1976, the Black Rep in St. Louis has been and continues to be the Theatre of the Soul. August Wilson's Jitney is one of the plays this season and Kevin Brown who plays the role of Becker discussed Jitney, his role, and the importance of theatre in his life.

[00:26] Background

[01:28] Pittsburgh Hill District

  • What is a jitney?
  • Culture
  • Decline
  • Impact of integration
  • Redevelopment

[09:33] About the role of Becker in the play, Jitney

[12:03] Meeting August Wilson

[13:07] Kevin Brown's Involvement with Theatre

[22:14] Preparing for a Role

  • Interaction with the audience

[27:46] Performing Overseas

  • Grahamstown or Macanta, South Africa
  • Scotland

[29:33] Work in Film

[31:30] Popularity of August Wilson's plays

[38:04] Advice to budding actors/actresses

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