Bridging the Digital Divide in the St. Louis Region-Part II

There is an incredibly serious divide in St. Louis City and County between those who have digital access and the technical knowledge to use it — and those who do not. And, while the digital divide is not new, the global pandemic only widened this existing divide and intensified its impact.

Dave Liepholtz, Executive Director of the Center for Civic Research and Innovation, an initiative of the St. Louis Community Foundation, and Hart Nelson-COO, St. Louis Community College/Vice Chancellor for Workforce Development came to the studio to discuss the report entitled, The St. Louis Digital Divide and its impact on education. They address the need to have digital access for all students to thrive which is vital to our economy moving forward.

[00:23] Introductions

[01:00] What is the digital divide?

[02:54] Baseline data

[04:25] Workforce Development

[07:19] How important it is to have a good device in which to learn

  • Long-term solutions to a systemic issue
  • Addressing failures

[09:38] Barriers to school districts and community colleges

[13:02] Conversations with educators

[19:58] Digital Literacy Curriculum

[25:14] Any pushback on the report

[26:46] Thoughts on funding

[29:39] How do we compare around the nation?

[33:36] Community anchors

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