Is There an Off-Ramp for Putin for the War in Ukraine?

In this episode, we discuss an update with Valery Dzutsati, Ph.D., visiting assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Kansas. His research interests span civil and interstate conflict, democratization, collective action, religion and politics, and methods with an empirical focus on Eurasia and Eastern Europe. He updates us on recent developments in Ukraine and possible ramifications for Ukraine, Russia, and western countries. Here is the first interview if you missed it! https://bit.ly/3Ix8sRs.

[01:20] Putin miscalculation?

[02:40] Ukraine Financial Situation

[04:49] Knowledge of war in Russia and effect of protests

[08:31] Propaganda and Ukraine attack in Russia

[11:33] Status of Eastern Ukraine

[12:55] Sentiment in Belarus

[15:30] Peace talks?

[19:37] Off ramp for Putin

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