How Transparency Contributes to Congressional Gridlock: An Interview with James D'Angelo

We all think sunshine or transparency in government is a very good thing. After you listen to this episode, you may not think it is. Why did the founders do things in secret? What does Article I, Section V of the Constitution have to do with secrecy? How do amendments end up being weaponized? James D'Angelo, from the Congressional Research Institute, gives us stunning insight into the beloved concept of transparency in government. Does secrecy in Congress bring about better government than transparency?

[01:29] Opening

[04:30] Beginning Interest in Transparency in Government

[07:13] The Founders and Secrecy

[09:56] Lobbyists

[11:55] A Lie: Secrecy Equals Corruption

[20:49] Fear and Intimidation

[31:11] The Weaponization of Amendments

[39:02] The Chaos in Our Democracy That Has Been Created

[44:22] From NASA to the Congressional Research Institute

[52:42] Closing

This is Season 4!

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