Dr. Mom Discusses Dr. Mom-How a Physician, Mother of Triplets, and Author Handles Day to Day Life

We were honored to have Dr. Delene Musielak (aka Dr. Mom from the Dr. Mom podcast) on recently. Dee is a mother, wife, physician, bestselling author, speaker, coach, and momtrepreneur who has a down to earth outlook on life, family, work, and the issues that go along with all of those. She has a regular podcast entitled The Dr. Mom Show and came into the studio so we all masked up for our interview which is why we sound muffled!

[01:34] Introduction

[02:36] Background of Dr. Mom

[07:52] Parental Foundation

[11:51] Why a physician?

[13:14] Evidenced-based medicine and the holistic approach

[17:24] Got 3 kids-a disciplined life to make it through

[19:15] Author of 4 Books

  • M.O.M. 30-Day Devotional Journal
  • The Tripsies & Me
  • This Is How I Fight My Battles
  • Women of War

[22:19] The Dr. Mom Show

[23:49] Speaking Engagement Topics: Health/Wellness, Leadership, Women Empowerment

[24:29] Importance of Clean Eating

[25:59] Toxicity Test

[29:56] Hormone Program

[31:13] An Unhappy Workforce

[33:04] Happiness & balance physically/mentally/spiritually

[34:39] Responses to Dr. Mom

[38:03] Closing encouragement

This is Season 4!

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