Exploring the Tapestry of the 29th St. Louis Jewish Film Festival

This episode features an in-depth interview with John Wilson, Director of Cultural Arts at the Jewish Community Center, who details the festival's offerings, including a special segment on Israeli student filmmakers impacted by terrorist attacks. Wilson also sheds light on his role as a fight director in theater, emphasizing safety and the illusion of violence on stage.

The conversation extends to other cultural arts programs at the J, including the youth theater program, book festival, and the new Jewish theater, underlining the significance of local arts in fostering community and human connection. The episode concludes with amusing discussions encapsulating a mix of informative and entertaining content.

[00:00] Kickoff: The Jewish Film Festival & A Warm Welcome

[00:40] Catching Up: Weather, Sports, and Beach Etiquette

[02:37] Diving Into Stage Combat with John Wilson

[06:33] Exploring the St. Louis Jewish Film Festival

[14:07] The Art of Film Selection and Festival Insights

[25:59] Surf's Up: John Wilson's Adventures in Hawaii

[27:51] Navigating to the Venue: Directions and Address

[28:28] Showcasing the Film Festival: Highlights and Themes

[28:53] Exploring Jewish Heritage Through Film: The Catskills Documentary

[31:20] Romance Takes Center Stage: Love Stories at the Festival

[33:14] The Cultural Impact: Celebrating Human Connection Through Film

[36:43] Curating the Festival: Selection Process and Committee Insights

[40:15] Behind the Scenes: Managing Multiple Cultural Programs

[42:05] The Artistic Community in St. Louis: A Hub for Creativity

[42:56] Celebrating Success: Awards and Recognition

[45:05] Wrapping Up: Final Thoughts and Festival Details

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