v15able: Changing the World One Hire at a Time

Letisha Wexstten was born without arms and with one leg shorter than the other. She learned how to do everything with her feet and had to overcome the challenges of ableism (discrimination in favor of able-bodied people) and those who said she wouldn't be able to live a normal life. Having struggled herself in the job market, she set out to create a platform to help disabled candidates connect with employers.

Her personality, ambition, and motivation to become the best person that she could ever be is the reason why she is as successful as she is now (a bachelor’s degree, a house, two specially modified cars, a husband, three dogs, a career, and the opportunity to run her own business). The problem wasn’t whether or not she was going to be able to achieve all of these things and be successful in life, the problem was people’s perspective of what it means to have a disability.

[00:35] Background

[00:50] What is v15able?

[03:26] Life in school and accessibility

[07:40] Tipping points

[14:18] What is V15able again?

[15:18] Speaking to employers

[16:13] Speaking to prospective employees

  • To disclose or not disclose

[18:36] YouTube Career-Tisha UnArmed

[23:00] Success stories

[28:28] Closing thoughts

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