The Secret of the Golden Queen: A Children's Opera for All Ages

Our episode discovers the enchanting world of a new children's opera, 'The Secret of the Gold Queen' featuring guests Nika Leoni, a composer and award-winning classical singer, and Mark Freiman, a lyric bass and stage director. The conversation explores the inspirations, challenges, and creative processes behind the opera. The show highlights the significance of civility, the importance of learning from others' failures, and the role of the arts in nurturing young minds.

With a focus on the interplay between gold and silver chess pieces that come to life, the opera aims to teach lessons of kindness, respect, and dignity. Listeners are invited to the world premiere on June 9th, providing a unique opportunity to witness a work in progress and contribute feedback.

[00:00] Introduction to the Chess Kingdoms

[00:32] Welcome to Saint Louis In Tune

[01:18] Return to Civility

[02:06] Learning from Failures

[03:00] Introducing the Guests

[05:22] The Secret of the Golden Queen

[07:47] The Inspiration Behind the Opera

[19:39] The Process of Writing an Opera

[27:48] Nika Leoni's Musical Journey

[28:58] Building a Career in Europe

[29:21] Transition to Composing

[29:40] Early Compositions and Inspirations

[30:33] Producing Children's Operas

[31:40] Engaging Young Audiences

[32:19] Challenges in Arts Education

[33:25] The Power of Opera for Kids

[37:41] Affordability and Accessibility of Opera

[38:44] The Silver Queen Aria

[45:30] Advice for Aspiring Composers and Vocalists

[48:46] Closing Remarks and Upcoming Events

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