The First Code Talkers: Native American Communicators in World War I

Did you know that the first code talkers were utilized near the end of World War I? Drawing on nearly thirty years of research—in U.S. military and Native American archives, surviving accounts from code talkers and their commanding officers, family records, newspaper accounts, and fieldwork in descendant communities—the author explores the origins, use, and legacy of the code talkers. William C. Meadows is a Professor of Anthropology and Native American Studies at Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri.

[00:25] Introduction

[02:15] Dr. William C. Meadows-brief bio

[02:25] Code Talkers Overview

[09:05] Choctaw and other tribes in World War I

[12:40] Coming home to the States and Joseph Oklahombi

[27:35] Role in Congressional recognition

[28:47] Why this is important

[30:20] Stereotypes, Wild West Shows, Scouts vs. Real Life

[40:00] The book

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