The Daytime Heist of a Picasso Painting

In Chasing Picasso: A True Story of A Daytime Heist on Art Hill, author C. Joan Baker unveils the mysterious history and disappearance of a small Picasso painting from the Saint Louis Art Museum in 1973. The 1906 Rose Period oil painting has not been seen since it disappeared in a clandestine daytime theft and the heist would have been forgotten altogether if it weren’t perhaps for the one curious author, C. Joan Baker who we interview in this edition. She hopes her book will lead to the return of the Picasso painting, nicknamed Nude, to the Saint Louis Art Museum.

[02:05] Interview with C. Joan Baker - Part I

[16:23] Dred Scott Stamp Information

[17:26] Saint Louis In Tune Update

[16:12] Interview with C. Joan Baker - Part II

[42:24] Information on Saint Louis In Tune

[43:54] Dred Scott Heritage Foundation

[45:24] Synthesizer

[46:08] More on the book

[46:38] Funny

[56:04] Word of the Day

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