The Brilliance is in the Simplicity: @adamwayne_arts

Adam Wayne is not your typical photographer. He is the paintbrush and his canvas is the world.

[01:30] Background

  • Inspiration out of depression
  • Nature

[04:28] Canon Powershot

  • "I haven't read the manual"-Adam
  • Nothing added to the photographs

[07:24] Background in Photography

[08:32] The Creative Process - perspective, viewpoint, nature, architecture

  • The Gateway Arch - the niche
  • Make it worth taking

[12:37] Thinking about your art

  • Art Gallery
  • Happiness
  • Emotion through photography
  • More on the Gateway Arch

[19:12] True Manifesto

[21:58] Equipment and creativity

[24:04] Where did this creativity come from?

[29:25] Black & White vs Color

[30:50] Eads Bridge

[33:37] Work in St. Louis

  • PWC (Ballpark Village)
  • STL Visions Book
  • Jefferson Arms Building Facade
  • Instagram @adamwayne_arts

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