Soccer Made in St. Louis: A History of the Game in America’s First Soccer Capital

Dave Lange's second edition of Soccer Made in St. Louis: A History of the Game in America's First Soccer City chronicles the successful drive to bring a Major League Soccer franchise to St. Louis (St. Louis City SC) while chronicling the early history of St. Louis soccer that’s come to light in the past decade.

Sourced from more than a hundred sources and interviews with 122 present and former administrators, coaches, owners, and players, Soccer Made in St. Louis is the only history of the sport in the city that has played soccer since the 1870s and has produced 91 national champions, 66 players on the U.S. National Team, and 34 members of U.S. national soccer halls of fame.

The book is available at Reedy Press.

[00:29] Introduction

[01:33] Return to Civility

[04:10] Interview with Dave Lange - Part I

  • Background
  • The second edition
  • How many favorite players can we have in St. Louis?
  • A guy from Brooklyn says St. Louis is the heartbeat of soccer in this country.
  • Soccer in Sportsman's Park
  • Women's soccer in St. Louis
  • Archiving stories from great players, coaches, and developers of the game
  • Soccer Hall of Fame in St. Louis?
  • Mr. Soccer

[25:03] Dred Scott Commemorative Stamp Initiative

[26:04] St. Louis In Tune Updates

[27:38] Interview with Dave Lange - Part II

  • High school & collegiate soccer
  • Difference between styles of soccer play
  • Rules and style changes
  • Why is the name soccer vs football
  • 1950 World Cup
  • A familiar women's soccer goalie who wanted to play in St. Louis
  • The biggest surprise in writing the book
  • Soccer fields
  • Baseball and Soccer linkages
  • St Louis soccer shines across the globe

[54:08] Word of the day

[55:47] Mark's Days of the Day

[56:17] Humor

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