PTSD: A Message of Hope and Recovery

When you hear post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) what comes to mind? War, soldiers, traumatic experiences, despair? How about HOPE and RECOVERY? Dr. Lauren Albinson, Dr. Megan Keyes, and Dr. Julie Mastnak provide hope for individuals with PTSD with solid treatments to improve quality of life.

[00:37] Guest Intros

[01:45] Evidenced-Based Treatment Definition

[02:30] Brief History of PTSD

[04:07] Stressors (General/Traumatic)

[07:54] Responding/Reactions/Risk Factors

[12:18] Process for Evidenced-Based Treatment Therapies

[14:47] Exit Interviews/Debriefing/Delayed Onset

[20:16] Support Network (Families/Social)

[25:01] PTSD and the Pandemic

[33:14] Why this discussion and future PTSD research?

[35:10] Resources

  1. National Center for PTSD
  2. Apps
  3. APA-Stress in America
  4. International Society for Traumatic Stress
  5. National Child Traumatic Stress Network
  6. Psychology Today-Find a Therapist
  7. National Suicide Prevention Hotline (800.273.8255)
  8. St. Louis In Tune Show on Suicide Prevention
  9. Training Opportunity for post-masters at Washington University

[39:05] Take Aways-Closing Thoughts

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