Our Precious Hope: St. Louis' Baby Jane Doe

On a winter afternoon in February 1983, two young men discovered the body of a girl who had been brutally murdered. She remains to this day unidentified and the topic of a documentary to find her killer. Shelby Sosa, Lee Barber, and Edrar 'Bird' Sosa set out to keep Baby Jane Doe's memory alive. Shelby and Lee join the discussion of the documentary movie, Our Precious Hope: St. Louis' Baby Jane Doe.

[01:15] Background

  • Edrar 'Bird' Sosa, director
  • Shelby Sosa, cinematographer
  • Lee Barber, assistant director
  • 314birdstudios

[07:24] The Story-Part I

[11:03] The Story-Pat II

  • DNA and
  • Finding all the students in St. Louis Public Schools
  • Two Burials-Two Cemeteries
  • Discovery from students at Washington University

[21:11] The Story-Part III

  • Chicago author
  • Smithsonian isotope testing

[33:40] Impact on the film makers

The documentary is available at 314birdstudios.com, Vimeo, and YouTube.

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