Negro Leagues Baseball: Understanding the Story, Importance, & Immeasurable Value

Dr. Ray Doswell, Vice President of Curatorial Services at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, gives some keen insight into how the leagues came about, the importance of the leagues, and how the museum is showcasing the players who loved the game. You have to experience the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum on their website and social media and most of all in person!

[01:21] Opening

[02:16] Introduction

[03:46] The League Defined/Recognition by Major League Baseball (MLB)

[09:26] Records of Negro Leagues Baseball (NLB) & MLB

[13:59] Nuances of NLB, +/- of 1920-1948

[18:42] Legend & Lore

[21:26] James "Cool Papa" Bell-influence

[24:19] St. Louis Cardinal/Kansas City Royals Discussion

[27:31] NLB Cities and the story

[29:24] NL101, 100th Anniversary, Museum Highlights, online learning

[35:34] Curatorial Services

[39:27] Item Acquisition and Visiting NLBM

This is Season 4

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