Freedom's Home: The Freedom Suits Memorial

Not far from where Dred and Harriet Scott submitted the freedom suit which ultimately became a historic Supreme Court case, stands a new memorial commemorating all freedom suits filed by slaves in St. Louis between 1812 and 1865. Freedom's Home, the name given to the sculpture by the artist Preston Jackson, is the hard work of many specifically The Honorable Judge David C. Mason. Saint Louis In Tune discussed the upcoming unveiling of the sculpture with Judge Mason and sculptor Preston Jackson and the meaning for all.

[01:00] Judge David C. Mason Interview

  • Timeframe of Project

[02:01] What is a Freedom Suit?

[06:15] Plaintiffs, defendants, attorneys

[08:45] What was legal and upheld in court all of a sudden changed

[13:46] The discovery of the Freedom Suits files stored in boxes

[19:49] A few more details

[21:02] Choosing a sculptor

[24:45] What should be the takeaway for people who view the memorial?

[26:34] Donations; a virtual learning system planned

[31:12] A current story of change

[36:57] Preston Jackson Interview

[37:42] Researching for the sculpture

[39:28] Challenge of the sculpture

[40:47] Process from start to finish

[42:32] Time from start to finish

[45:05] Perspectives of the sculpture views

[46:02] Takeaway from the artist's viewpoint

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