Echoes of John Denver: Rick Schuler's Tribute Journey

An engaging interview with Rick Schuler, a singer, songwriter, adventurer, and John Denver tribute artist. Born in Monroe, Louisiana, and raised in St. Louis, Schuller shares his journey from growing up resembling the famous musician to becoming a John Denver tribute singer admired by Denver's original band members.

We delve into Schuller's music career, his connection to John Denver's music, and his performances, including upcoming shows at the Westport Playhouse. Additionally, Schuller discusses his background in IT, his passion for archaeology, and his experiences digging up Dead Sea Scroll fragments in Israel.

[00:00] The Unbelievable Story of a John Denver Lookalike Turned Tribute Singer

[00:31] Nostalgia and Vinyl: A Trip Down Memory Lane

[01:25] Rick Schuler: The Man Behind the Music

[02:04] Discovering a Musical Destiny with John Denver

[02:42] The Art of Tribute: Beyond Imitation

[05:07] On Stage: Rick Schuler's Upcoming Performances

[15:28] A Surprising Turn: From Music to Archaeology

[25:38] The Legacy of Dred Scott and the Heritage Foundation

[28:31] Reflecting on the Show and the Power of Interpretation

[29:11] The Magic of Live Performances

[29:30] Remembering Iconic Concerts and the Urgency to See Live Music

[31:35] The Legacy of John Denver Through Tribute Performances

[31:47] Promoting Upcoming Tribute Shows and Ticket Discounts

[32:42] A Musical Interlude: John Denver's Classics

[34:22] Reflecting on Rick Shuler's Career and Upcoming Tours

[35:58] Humor and Wordplay: A Light-hearted Segment

[37:40] Celebrating National Days and Personal Anecdotes

[43:32] A Barrage of Jokes and Closing Remarks

[48:33] Wrapping Up with Thanks and Show Information

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