Continuity: Expanding Diversity in Media Productions

The media industry is no exception when it comes to desiring a skilled and diverse workforce yet like numerous other companies, finding content creators, filmmakers, and crew members of different backgrounds, ethnicities, races, ages, identities, and neurodivergence can be quite challenging. To help meet this demand, Continuity, a St. Louis based non-profit, created one-day workshops to teach people the basic skills and networking they need to start working in the media industry. Its mission is to expand diversity in media production through skills-based training, mentorship, and opportunities for untapped talent.

On Saturday, June 11th, Continuity will be holding its second Set Basics Workshop at Spot Content Studio in south St Louis City. Jacob Kurtz discusses the workshop which is sponsored by the Missouri Film Office and provides 30 attendees an intense 10-hour day to learn set etiquette, how a film set works and how to find work. Attendance is by invitation only and those interested must submit an application online.

The Set Basics Workshop will be held in Kansas City in the Fall and offered again locally one more time before the end of the year. Continuity will continue offering the workshops in multiple cities in the years that follow with various dates projected in 2023. To learn more about Continuity, go to www.continuitystl.org.

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