Consistency and the Power of Showing Up: The Heartbeat of Your Fitness Journey

In this podcast episode, Arnold Stricker and Mark Langston interview Jordan Gonzales, the owner and founder of Big Fitness. They discuss the importance of staying healthy and cover various topics related to fitness and personal growth.

Jordan emphasizes the significance of clarity, discipline, and focus in achieving goals. He shares practical tips for setting specific goals, staying consistent, and changing one's environment to support behavioral change. He also discusses the role of neuroscience in personal training and addresses the importance of exercise, hydration, and fresh food consumption for overall health.

[03:05] The journey of becoming a fitness business owner - Jordan Gonzales shares his background in sports and fitness, his decision to start his own gym, and the guiding goal he wrote on his business card.

[08:12] Clarity is Key - The importance of identifying core values and how they guide daily actions for personal growth and improvement.

[08:59] Barriers to Action - Exploring the reasons why people struggle to prioritize and follow through on important tasks or habits.

[13:27] Granular Execution - Breaking down a complex goal (such as training for an Ironman) into a detailed and actionable plan for better execution.

[15:40] The importance of specific goals - Jordan discusses the significance of setting specific goals and how they affect compliance and behavior.

[17:05] Consistency and commitment to a plan - An emphasis on the need for consistency and commitment to a plan, even if it doesn't show immediate results.

[23:31] The pulse and bringing change into life -An explanation of the concept of the "pulse" and how it relates to bringing desired changes into one's life, particularly in the context of fitness.

[24:20] The importance of consistency -Consistency is crucial in maintaining a high level of fitness and reaching fitness goals.

[25:01] Using the guitar as an example -Jordan shares a personal experience of learning to play the guitar and how consistency led to improvement and the influence others have on behavior and interactions.

[31:58] The importance of consistency Part II - Consistency is key in achieving goals and bringing something to life. Missing a day or two won't make a big difference, but inconsistency over time can hinder progress.

[33:00] Changing routines and environments - Changing routines and environments can help break habits and triggers. It's important to change the way we do things to avoid falling back into old patterns.

[35:23] The power of environment and social influence - Our environments and the people we surround ourselves with have a significant impact on our behaviors and habits. Changing our environment and being around people who support our goals can lead to positive changes in our lives.

[39:37] The Neuroscience of Accessibility - Discussion on the importance of understanding neuroscience and how it can improve the quality of life. Huberman Lab and Huberman Podcast by Andrew Huberman - Website, Podcast

[40:27] The Role of Personal Trainers - Exploration of the role of personal trainers in addressing deeper issues and helping individuals enjoy every moment of their lives.

[41:18] The Mind and Purpose - Explanation of the Toltec tribe's teachings on the mind and the importance of defining one's highest possible virtue for clarity and purpose. Book: "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz

[47:54] The importance of daily exercise - Discussion of the minimum requirement for exercise, which is 30 minutes of getting the heart rate at 55% of the heart rate max through brisk walking. Tool: Heart Rate Max Calculator

[48:15] The impact of hydration on metabolism - Jordan explains how chronic dehydration can decrease metabolism output by up to 30% and affect calorie expenditure throughout the day.

[49:14] The significance of water in lean tissue - Lean tissue is composed of about 92 to 93% water, highlighting the importance of staying hydrated for overall health.

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