Beyond the Score: Inside the Missouri Chamber Music Festival

In this episode of St. Louis In Tune, hosts Arnold Stricker and Mark Langston interview Nina Ferrigno and Benedetta Orsi about the upcoming 14th Season of the Missouri Chamber Music Festival. The discussion covers the festival's mission, scheduled concerts, and the significance of chamber music.

Ferrigno, a founding member of the Calyx Piano Trio, and Orsi, an Italian mezzo-soprano, share their backgrounds, career highlights, and personal stories. The episode also delves into contemporary music, its cultural relevance, and amusing anecdotes from their performances. Listeners are encouraged to attend the festival and support the arts in St. Louis.

[00:00] Welcome to Saint Louis In Tune: A Symphony of Conversations

[00:57] Summertime Vibes and Casual Banter

[01:32] A Return to Civility and Pronunciation Etiquette

[02:54] Spotlight on Nina Ferrigno and Benedetta Orsi: Masters of Music

[06:18] Exploring the Missouri Chamber Music Festival

[11:55] Benedetta Orsi's Journey: From Pop to Opera

[15:15] The Art of Music and Overcoming Challenges

[18:24] Previewing the Missouri Chamber Music Festival Concerts

[28:57] A Dive into Musical Innovations and Schoenberg's Vision

[32:05] Exploring the Intricacies of Contemporary Music

[32:45] The Impact of Politics and Culture on Music

[33:35] The Personal Touch in Music Interpretation

[33:51] The Ephemeral Nature of Music and Shared Experiences

[34:32] Behind the Scenes: Preparing for a Premiere

[35:11] The Magic of Live Performances and Festival Highlights

[36:09] Festival Passes and Perks: An Insider's Guide

[38:59] Upcoming Projects and Personal Plans

[39:56] Unforgettable Moments on Stage

[48:10] Celebrating National Days with Humor and Trivia

[51:34] A Collection of Jokes to Lighten the Mood

[53:46] Closing Thoughts and Appreciation

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