Baseball Memories: St. Louis Browns, Herzog, and Holtzman

In this episode of Saint Louis In Tune, hosts Arnold Stricker and Mark Langston dive into the rich history of baseball in St. Louis with sports historian Ed Wheatley. They discuss notable figures associated with the St. Louis Browns and Cardinals, including exclusive stories about Bob Gibson, Whitey Herzog, and Kenny Holtzman. Wheatley also shares fascinating anecdotes about the 1944 'Streetcar Series' between the Cardinals and the Browns, emphasizing St. Louis's enduring legacy as America's best baseball town. The episode concludes with reflections on the significance of past baseball traditions and their influence on today's game.

[00:00] Welcome and Introduction

[01:17] Return to Civility

[02:28] Remembering Baseball Legends

[03:22] The Legacy of the St. Louis Browns

[08:14] Browns' Historical Highlights

[19:25] Whitey Herzog and Kenny Holtzman

[28:11] Whitey Herzog's Impact on Players

[29:09] First Meeting with Whitey Herzog

[30:05] Incredible Cardinals Children's Book

[31:36] Whitey Herzog's Strategic Mind

[32:30] St. Louis Baseball Legends

[34:26] Kenny Holtzman's Career Highlights

[37:17] Pitching Strategies and Stories

[45:10] Golden Age of Baseball Memories

[49:38] Streetcar Series and WWII Impact

[51:41] Conclusion and Reflections

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