Alumination: A Documentary Film and Journey with the Airstream

For the past several years, Director Eric Bricker and Producer Lisa Hughes have delved into the world of the Airstream, its culture, and its followers. These native St. Louisians have brought a whole new understanding to the silver bullet that is seen traveling down the highway, parked as a food trailer, or used as a permanent residence. Alumination is a play on three words: aluminum, nation, and illumination. Find out more about this enlightening documentary at the St. Louis International Film Festival or at Aluminationmovie.com.

[01:30] Background

  • Eric Bricker

[03:27] The name, Alumination

[05:37] How the documentary came about

  • Factory
  • Wally Byam

[11:15] Surprises about Airstream

  • Community
  • Difference from the RV

[12:37] Visual Acoustics Documentary on Julius Schulman

[15:40] Background

  • Lisa Hughes
  • Collaboration with Eric Bricker

[17:35] Silver lining for the silver bullet

[20:55] Out of the Box Productions

[25:54] Wally Byam and the Alumapalooza

This is Season 4! For more episodes, go to stlintune.com

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